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  "The application of all our experience,
knowledge and expertise of irrigation and pumping systems,
       for the benefit of our client."

Irrigation and water feature

Corporate Services

Site Investigation - Phase 1

  • Cross referencing of survey plan information provided with actual site and proposed landscape works.
  • Organise testing of bore, pump and/or scheme water supply, review test data.(not including costs of physical testing)
  • Irrigation water balance analysis.
  • Prepare and submit Site Investigation Report.

Preliminary Design - Phase 2

  • Prepare concept plan of major irrigation requirements and area to be irrigated.
  • Consultation with Clients representatives concerning concept and proposed control system and equipment requirements & options.
  • Review of budget costs.
  • Prepare preliminary design report

Detailed Design - Phase 3

  • Prepare Detailed design of irrigation system, including mainline routing, sprinkler locations, lateral pipe sizing, control system etc
  • Prepare and issue one set of A1 drawings revised to “Issued for Comment”, liaise with Client prior to finalising design.

Documentation - Phase 4

  • Prepare and issue one set of A1 drawings revised to “Issue for Tender”, for inclusion in documentation package.
  • Consultation with Clients representatives with regard to documentation package.
  • Prepare one bound A4 set of detailed technical specification documents, including special clauses and requirements.
  • Prepare pre-tender estimate .

Contract Administration - Phase 5

  • Review, report and make recommendations on tenders received.
  • Periodically inspect works in progress to verify that contractors adherence to contract and specification requirements.
  • Prepare & issue variations as required throughout contract period.
  • Attendance and inspection at Practical Completion phase of works.
  • Prepare and submit project Practical Completion Report.
  • Attendance as required to maintenance and/or defects during the defects liability period.