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  "The application of all our experience,
knowledge and expertise of irrigation and pumping systems,
       for the benefit of our client."

Irrigation and water feature

Typical Approach

Please find noted below the major points applicable (but not limited to) to our approach to the task.

  • Scrutiny of all information provided and sourced from the Client, project consultants, Government Authorities etc.
  • Application of quality irrigation equipment.
  • Utilisation of proven technologically advanced control systems.
  • Adoption of ‘Maintenance Minimisation’ design techniques.
  • Application of irrigation design Best Management Practice.
  • Consultation with Landscape Architects as to specific water requirements of plantings.
  • Determination of gross irrigation area, cross-referenced by planting type.
  • Determination of Gross water requirements.
  • Consultation with Client with regard to possible future growth of development area beyond that envisaged.
  • Consultation with Civil consultants as required, concerning under-road ducts, services location etc.
  • Determination of water supply and bore pump requirements and location.
  • Conceptual design of water supply pump station/s, bores and mainline sizing and location.
  • Review proposed timetable of works to coordinate water supply establishment prior to staged irrigation works, or recommend/design interim solutions as required.
  • Applications to Government Authorities as required.
  • Design reviews as required.
  • Generally to implement the Scope of Irrigation Consulting Services in a timely and professional manner.
  • Ensure Client satisfaction with all aspects of the design and works.